Pasta Dishes

Beef Lasagne
Lasagne sheets layered with a mince sauce and a topping of delicious white sauce and cheese.
Bolognaise Sauce
A very rich meaty sauce made with ground beef, tomatoes, red wine and herbs.
Chicken Lasagne
A creamy chicken lasagna with layers of chicken and pasta sheets with a cheesy topping.
Penne with Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes
Chicken and mushroom pieces in a creamy cheesy sauce with sundried tomatoes and penne pasta.
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Delicious meatballs in a rich home made tomato sauce on a bed of spaghetti.
Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce
A yummy homemade tomato, red wine and fresh herbs pasta sauce.
Vegetable Lasagne
A mixture of fresh vegetables in a light tomato sauce assembled with pasta sheets and a cheesy sauce.